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Get Started Marketing With Facebook Now Part 2!

If you want to reach more of your ideal customers and prospects inexpensively and avoid months of trial and experimentation then this will be the most important article you’ve read all year. In a previous article, I wrote about what it takes to get started marketing on Facebook using organic strategies, click here to read it if you missed it. In this article, I’m going to give… Read more »

[FB Live] What I learned from My 3,000 Mile Family Road Trip

Episode 5 of Facebook From Fun To Money. This week I talk about what I learned from a 3,000 mile road trip with my family. Being a tourist and not knowing an area leaves you relying on marketing for restaurants, gas and recreational activities. To get the best results from your Facebook Live broadcasts there… Read more »

How Facebook Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Money Problems Once and For All!

Does your business offer a monthly membership program? If so, would you like more people to subscribe? If you don’t currently offer a monthly membership program you might want to consider offering one. It’s a great feeling knowing that every month you have a consistent income to start the month off with. Let me share… Read more »