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Running Facebook Ads on a Limited Budget to Achieve Amazing Results – EPISODE Twenty Two

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! On this episode, Brian explains how to get started on Facebook ads with a limited budget. Tune in today for advice on how to use your current offer and create a “lookalike” audience that will provide fast, effective results even when you don’t have… Read more »

Work Less & Get More Done

Work Less & Get More Done: Isn’t this what everyone wants, including us business owners? Wouldn’t it be nice to work a little less and get more done? Well, you can if you’re willing to trust the process. What process am I talking about? I’m talking about taking time off to recharge your batteries. Yes,… Read more »

Inside the Mind of Your Ideal Customer Avatar – EPISODE Twenty One of the Go Social Experts Podcast

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! In this episode, Brian explains how to delve into the mind of your ideal customer. It all starts with research and testing. Learning these methods will create better messaging, better responses, and better results. Tune in for exactly how to get started! DOWNLOAD OUR… Read more »

Investment VS. Cost: Marketing is an Investment  

You can look at everything you spend money and time on as an investment or a cost. What difference does that make? Well for me when I see an expense as a cost, it is the cost of doing business. I pay and use the service or consume what I bought and when I’m done,… Read more »

Old School Marketing

Recently I was invited to speak at a Peer Advisory Group about using social media in your company’s marketing. A Peer Advisory Group is a mastermind group made up of business owners and top management. We did a version of a “hot seat” taking one person’s business and focusing on that and developing a plan… Read more »