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The Secret to Making Your Marketing Pay for Itself

Let me guess, this is what’s happening. . .  You are spending money on marketing and you’re not seeing the results that you expect.  You put together good offers and create great campaigns, but you don’t know if they are making a difference.  You are getting some results but it doesn’t feel like enough for… Read more »

Dig Deeper: Your ads might be doing better than you think!

You plan and work, and work and plan, and still…Not the results that you expect.  Your ad is failing or maybe doing it’s OK, but it’s not what you expected.  Or, maybe your first look at your ad’s data is not revealing the whole story.  Let me tell you what we learned when one of my account managers and I analyzed one of our clients Facebook… Read more »

Three More Audiences to Use When Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

Can you imagine being able to reach people who have a proven interest in what you sell?  Wonder if you could do it easily, inexpensively, and at your heart’s desire?  What would that do for your business and your confidence?  As you know, two of the three ways to grow your business involves reaching out to people who have bought from you before:  Get your existing… Read more »

Four Audiences to Use When Getting Started With Facebook Advertising

If you’re interested in growing your business as fast and inexpensively as you can, you need to know this information.  In an earlier article, I taught a strategy you could implement in 10 minutes and reach your ideal prospective customers and clients. If you missed it click here to read it.  One of the key points in the earlier article is choosing your target audience and there… Read more »

What to Look For When Hiring Someone to Help You Manage Your Facebook Page

Imagine for a moment that it’s one year from today and you have an active Facebook presence and you don’t even have to think about it.  You regularly get leads and sales from Facebook.  All events you have are well attended and successful.  When you offer anything for sale, it sells quickly.  How do you make this happen without spending… Read more »