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Predictions for 2021 and Facebook Advertising – Episode 48

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! The new year holds many opportunities for business owners who are ready to seize them. On today’s episode, marketing expert Brian Hahn shares his forecast for 2021. You’ll learn about: Opportunity – Lower ad costs in Jan & Feb. Why having a plan is… Read more »

What are you waiting for?

Over the past couple of articles, we’ve talked about what happened last year and what I predict is going to happen over the next year. One common point was the importance of having online marketing as part of your marketing strategy. I mean, look what happened in 2020. For years, some thought they could get… Read more »

Is Your Marketing Profitable?

Is Your Marketing Profitable? Let’s face it we’re all in business to make money and that means looking at how you’re spending every dollar. Do you know if your marketing is profitable and how long after you run an ad does it take to make a sale? For more on this topic check out my… Read more »