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Social Media – A FREE tool for growing your business.

Social Media Tools For Growing Your Business

Chances are you have heard about social media. (LinkedIn and Facebook, anyone?) You may have even tried it with a not-so-good outcome.  Say no more…. Social media is about to become your best friend. There are many tools you have at your disposal with all the social media platforms but today I’m going to talk… Read more »

6 Steps to Creating Facebook Ads That SELL!

Creating Facebook Ads that Sell

Today I want to reveal to you six critical steps for creating Facebook Ads that SELL. You’ve got a marketing system set up – your ad targeting is dialed in and your Facebook ad is part of a system, right?  If it’s not and you need an outline of a system that works. Get my “11 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine”  by clicking HERE. In the meantime, let’s… Read more »

The Advertising Hook – What it is and why you NEED it

Marketing Hook

The right advertising hook can take your business to the next level. And it’s not as hard as you may think to find… You have an incredible picture that stops people scrolling dead in their tracks. Your headline makes them read the ad, and you have killer copy in the text, but you’re not getting… Read more »