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Retargeting People Based on What They Did


Last week you may recall we talked about retargeting and why it was the difference between your website being an expense or an income generator. If you missed that article click here to read it first. I promised that in this article, I’d tell you how to reach out to people based on what they… Read more »

The Secret To Making Money With Online Advertising

the secret to making money using online advertising

  If you want to use digital marketing PROFITABLY in your business then this may be the most important article you’ll read all year. The secret to making money with online advertising is to use retargeting on your website, any sales pages you use, and any web page you have control of. So the number… Read more »

What KISS Can Teach You About Facebook

what kiss can teach you about facebook

You remember a little rock band from the 80s that wore some crazy leather outfits, painted their faces and constantly stuck their tongues out before Miley Cyrus made it “cool”? That’s right – I’m talking about KISS and I went to one of their concerts this summer. It was my first time seeing KISS live…. Read more »

Facebook is NOT an ATM

Facebook is NOT an atm

If you’re interested in using Facebook for your business or increasing your activity on Facebook, there is one thing you need to know: Facebook is NOT an ATM.  Just because you start using Facebook for marketing people aren’t going to automatically do what you ask. They don’t turn into mindless robots who do everything you… Read more »

How Does Your Product Change YOUR Customer’s LIFE?

Product change your customer's life

Let’s face it, after being in business for multiple years you start to forget what a difference you make to your customers and clients. You’ve been selling the same old ________ forever and you’ll keep on selling the same old _______. But wait a minute, have you thought about what a difference you make to… Read more »