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How’d I Get So Successful?

how'd I get so successful?

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Hard work? Tenacity? Creativity? A sweet logo? Strong coffee? Unfortunately, there is no exact formula to entrepreneurial success (but all of the above sure do help). I recently connected with Erica Delsignore on her Great Minds, Great Marketing podcast to share my story of how I got where I am… Read more »

Lessons Learned Chopping Wood

I spent a week in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the US-Canadian border recently. This is the type of area where you pack in everything you need, and you pack out anything you have left over. So needless to say, we don’t bring in extra tools and the ones we bring in are light… Read more »

Be Ready With Plan B!

It was a week of lessons for me. This Wednesday was the first session of my live training course, Smart Facebook Marketing. In it, I teach businesses how to profitably use Facebook to grow their organizations. Several hours before the session started, I noticed that my desktop computer had Windows updates waiting. I thought I… Read more »