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How to Boost a Post and Get Results

In my last article, I talked about “boosting” your Facebook posts to test a message or audience quickly and on a small budget. Click here if you missed it. And in response to that article I got the question: so how do I boost a Facebook post? I’ve been in the Facebook world for so… Read more »

What Are Good Numbers For Your Facebook Ad?

Facebook gives us tons of information when you dig into ad reporting. While that sounds good, it can get confusing. There is so much and you have to know where to go to see some of the details. In the end, people get confused and don’t look at the numbers their ads are getting or… Read more »

Step Four of the Success System for Facebook: Get Their Contact Information

There is a proven formula that you can use to market your business on Facebook. One of the key advantages of this system is that you and your staff won’t have to spend hours on Facebook to get great results. The steps are: Create a sales-orientated Facebook page. Find your ideal audience. Deliver value before… Read more »