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You Don’t Have To Celebrate Alone

Let’s face it. Whenever you have a party, celebration, or event of any kind we all feel a twinge in our gut wondering if anyone is going to show up right before the first guest arrives. But if you do it right you don’t have to celebrate alone! Back when I had my grocery store… Read more »

The Fast Way To Success

the fast way to success

I bet you clicked to get the latest Facebook Ninja Trick to really make money from Facebook. . . Sorry but that’s not what this article is about. You see, no matter how many tricks you have, the truth is, tricks don’t lead to long-lasting success. What does lead to long-lasting success? Who you hang… Read more »

Why Is Anyone Considering Doing Business With You?

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Have you thought about the fact that no one is really interested in your products or services unless they have a desire for them? Let’s face it no one would be “just looking” at anything if they weren’t dissatisfied with what they currently have. The job of your marketing is to attract the people who… Read more »