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Motorcycles and Money Signs (A case study)

Motorcycles and Money Signs

I want to tell you about Mike, his story will inspire you. Mike has two retail stores in the Tacoma Washington area that sell motorcycle gear to riders. They are the premier destination for motorcycle gear, accessories and a true riders shopping experience. Mike is progressive in his marketing. He was one of the first… Read more »

I was so excited I had to pinch myself 

That’s the message I received from one of my clients, Bob and Deb Grinde from Grinde’s Garden Center. You see they had started to work on Facebook and wanted to do everything themselves. But their efforts were scattered and they hadn’t seen any results. They were getting close to their busy season (they do 90%… Read more »

Listen To A Story About A Girl Named Amanda

No, she’s not a poor mountaineer, and she kept her family fed. I do want to tell you her story, though. It will inspire you. Imagine waking up each morning knowing you had a 24/7 system that accesses the largest population of YOUR perfect customers working for you while you slept… What would that do… Read more »

Facebook Success Stories

Facebook Success Stories

I know that at times, stories we hear about Facebook (and some of the results that people get) are almost unbelievable.  So I want to tell you about some Facebook success stories from my clients and students. Their stories will inspire you. “This is Chris with Pop-A-Lock of the Chippewa Valley.  I just wanted to… Read more »