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How To Make Better Decisions 

Do you know what effects all of us even though we don’t realize it? Our mindset – how we’re thinking when we’re living in our lives. You know that constant chatter in the background that never stops in your mind. Is what it’s saying helping you or hurting you? Whenever you’re low in energy or… Read more »

How Do We Adapt To Living & Working In Times of Crisis? – EPISODE NINE of the Go Social Experts Podcast

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Tune in for Brian’s tips on how to best adapt to the world’s current crisis. When it comes to living and working in times of crisis, how can we get our offers out to the world? Start by reaching out via email, text, and… Read more »

How to Use Online Marketing to Grow Your Business…

BIG NEWS!!! I was just interviewed on Mega Bucks Radio and you can give it a listen by CLICKING HERE. On this episode, I’m happy to offer tips, ideas and hope for small business owners who want their business to recover fast and thrive despite adversity we’re facing because of COVID-19. Over the past seven years,… Read more »

How Can You Sell, Even If You’re Not Open

Remember the first step at all times when you’re working on your business during times like this… Don’t Panic! Most times there is an idea or way to make your business work. They just may not be as obvious now as they were in the past. We’re in a new time. There has never been… Read more »

Do This First If Your Business is affected by COVID-19

I’ve been broadcasting LIVE on Facebook for the past few weeks. It started when I was getting emails from companies that were, from my point of view, inflaming what’s happening with COVID-19 in their emails. They were taking the worst-case scenarios and making it seem like they were happening. Then several people, some clients and… Read more »