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How to Succeed with Facebook Advertising after the Apple IOS 14.5 Update    

If you spend any amount of time in online advertising you know this is a hot topic. Apple has decided to give consumers the choice to opt-out of online tracking so the various platforms that sell advertising don’t have a way to collect data about what each person is interested in. This means using online… Read more »

What Piece is Missing?

Do you know that most people are only one and maybe two pieces away from the success they crave? What do I mean by that? A short time ago I recorded a podcast about our 8-step marketing system. Click here to listen if you missed it. In this session I went through the steps we… Read more »

Recycling or Upcycling Marketing Ideas – Episode 56

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! How to use your ideas and marketing assets in multiple ways. UPcycling your older and make it into something more valuable. Use multiple ways to reach people. Emails. Blogs. Videos. Podcasts. How many ways can you use one piece of content? How valuable can… Read more »

What’s Your Number?

If you want to ask someone what’s their number, what’s the best way? If you Google that question, you get 8,430,000,000 results. But what does this have to do with marketing? Quite a bit, actually. Most businesses need to know how to connect with their customers and clients other than when they are in front… Read more »

Systems for Marketing and Operations to Grow Your Business – Episode 53

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Today Brian Hahn shares how you need to create systems in the four primary areas of your business: Operational, Financial, Marketing, HR systems. He also shares how to create a fantastic customer experience from his friend, Vance Morris. powered by Sounder Get The Facebook… Read more »