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The Battle of Good vs. Evil

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Am I talking about Star Wars or your business? Now, what am I talking about when I say Good VS Evil? This is the fifth segment talking about how your business transforms your customer’s life. If you missed the overview you can read it by clicking here. When you’re communicating at this level you’re talking at… Read more »

How Do You Change Your Customers’ Day?

Blog Post 8.7.18

How does your customers’ average day change because they did business with you?   In this series of articles, we’ve been talking about what kind of transformation your business gives your customer. Click Here to read the overview. Most businesses stop at talking about what their customers have once they purchase, but there are many more levels you can explore…. Read more »

The Biggest Problem Facing Business Owners Today And What You Can Do About It . . .

Blog Post 7.17.18

If you want to finally develop a system that brings you a steady stream of new customers on autopilot, brings your existing customers back to you more often, and has your existing customers sending referrals to you, then this is the most important article you’ve read all year. As you’re aware, there are more and… Read more »