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The Secret to Making Search Engines (and your readers!) Happy!

There is one thing you can do to increase your Digital Experience online that will improve all of your results. Where you show up in an online search, be it Google, Bing, Facebook or one of many others is very important. And when people see your links are they are moved to act? What is… Read more »

How to Show Up More Than Once On The First Page of an Online Search-Without Spending Any Money

For the past few posts, we’ve been talking about what it takes to have a digital presence. After all, in the old days, your business location and a good yellow pages ad might have been all you needed. But who can find a yellow pages directory anymore? And if you’re under the age of 35,… Read more »

Where Do You Show Up Online?

Where do you show up online? You’ve got a Website and your Google My Business page is up and working and you’re active on Facebook and a few other social media sites so that’s all you need to worry about… right? Not really. You have a good start with the above, but there are more…. Read more »

Are You Taking Advantage Of What Google Give You?

Many years ago Google decided they wanted to replace the phone book so they listed every business they could find and gave those businesses a Free mini website. And they did a good job. After all, who can even find a phone book any more? Now over the years, what Google called these mini sites… Read more »