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It Was Amazing What Happened When We Added a Guest Artist to Our Band

It Was Amazing What Happened When We Added a Guest Artist to Our Band

Now I know what you’re thinking, Brian you can’t sing and I didn’t know you played any instruments. And you’re correct. Not many people have praised my singing voice, and the only instrument I ever played was violin for a few years, back in middle school. What I’m referring to is my church. We have… Read more »

My New Hobby and How It Helped My Business

A few months ago I decided (for whatever reason) to take up running.  I’ve been physically active most of my adult life as I explained in an earlier article. However, I had never had any interest in running; it seemed like hard work and like my body would take too much of a pounding.  I had tried running on a treadmill but had not run outside at all since I was a kid.  This… Read more »

Complacency is a Great Place to Visit, but a Poor Place to Live

I was talking with one of my mentors and whining a little (Once in awhile all of us have a weak moment). She proceeded to tell me: “Complacency is a Great Place to Visit, but a Poor Place to Live”. I was complaining about how I would have success, reach a goal, and then plateau, getting stuck there for awhile. And this cycle was frustrating me. I had only reached a goal,… Read more »