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What Everyone Ought To Know About Launching A New Product

If you want to offer a new product or service and you want people lined up waiting for you to open, then this will be the most important article you read all year. Over the past few months, one of my clients; Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI, has opened several new attractions. The lessons… Read more »

A Dentist Goes BIG With Social Media

A Dentist Goes BIG With Social Media

Imagine waking up each morning knowing you had a 24/7 system that accesses the largest population of YOUR perfect customers working for you while you slept… What would that do for your business? What would that do for your life? And the life of your family? Let me tell you about one of my clients,… Read more »

I was so excited I had to pinch myself 

That’s the message I received from one of my clients, Bob and Deb Grinde from Grinde’s Garden Center. You see they had started to work on Facebook and wanted to do everything themselves. But their efforts were scattered and they hadn’t seen any results. They were getting close to their busy season (they do 90%… Read more »