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Don’t Just Listen To Brian….. Episode 84

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Listen to hear what Brian’s clients say about the strategies they implement by working wtih him. You’ll really like how Grant and Amanda followed Brian’s counsel and are growing their business. Grab a copy of this insightful article on Brian’s Website: The 8-Step Marketing Plan… Read more »

Is 15 Seconds Long Enough?

That is what a client and I were recently discussing. They had a team member skilled at making 15 and 30 second videos but challenged at the task of making longer videos. We talked about what we wanted the video to do (sell one of their core products), product cost ($1000-1300) and the audience type… Read more »

To Good To Be True?

Free Advertising Opportunity! That sounds great, how do I get FREE advertising? All you have to do is sell enough of your product or services in less than 30 days to people who saw your ads, and your advertising is free! Sounds good you are thinking, but how do I do that? After all different… Read more »