Don’t Stop Now – You’re Almost At The Top

Over the past several articles I’ve been exploring what good is Facebook? After all, if our activities aren’t getting us results why are we doing them? We’ve explored in depth all the ways Facebook can help us grow our businesses. And yes I include myself in the group as Facebook definitely has helped my business… Read more »

You Don’t Have To Celebrate Alone

Let’s face it. Whenever you have a party, celebration, or event of any kind we all feel a twinge in our gut wondering if anyone is going to show up right before the first guest arrives. But if you do it right you don’t have to celebrate alone! Back when I had my grocery store… Read more »

Where Do You Want People To Go?

I mean this in the nicest way possible but… where do you want people to go? We’ve been talking about “What Good Is Facebook”. If you missed that article you can click here to read it. One of the benefits of Facebook is the ability you have to get people where you want them to… Read more »