The Power Of Thank You

the power of thank you

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to observe the power of a Thank You. I’ve long been in the practice of expressing gratitude towards people regularly. After all, growing up working in the retail industry thanking your customers becomes routine. However, when I moved into Social Media Marketing I had to take thanking my clients and… Read more »

What Results Can I Expect From Facebook?

What Results Can I expect from Facebook

One of the many questions I get when I’m talking to people who are looking to get started with Facebook marketing is: what results can I expect from Facebook? The answer depends on what marketing assets a business already has. What are marketing assets, you ask? They are: Email list of customers Email list of… Read more »

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Am I talking about Star Wars or your business? Now, what am I talking about when I say Good VS Evil? This is the fifth segment talking about how your business transforms your customer’s life. If you missed the overview you can read it by clicking here. When you’re communicating at this level you’re talking at… Read more »

Make Your Customer Feel Better About Themselves

Make your customer feel better about themselves

We’ve been talking about how to reach your customers at a deeper and deeper level. If you missed these posts you can click here to read more. We’ve talked about what your customers are going to have, how they are going to feel, how their average day is going to change and now we’re going… Read more »

How Do You Change Your Customers’ Day?

Blog Post 8.7.18

How does your customers’ average day change because they did business with you?   In this series of articles, we’ve been talking about what kind of transformation your business gives your customer. Click Here to read the overview. Most businesses stop at talking about what their customers have once they purchase, but there are many more levels you can explore…. Read more »