How Often Do You Leave A Friend?

Most of us think twice before we leave a friend. We may fall away and not connect as often, but outright leaving a friend is rare. We more often fade away. How do your customers feel about you? Are you a friend and resource your customers and clients feel connected to or are you just… Read more »

Get Your Old Clients to Turn into Current Customers Again! 

how to get old customers to become current customers again

Want to rekindle a relationship with a previous customer? Facebook can help you turn old customers into current customers again.   We’re going to keep going deeper into an earlier article, What Good is Facebook? If you missed it you can read it by clicking here  We’ve been talking about what I learned from one of my early mentors, Jay… Read more »

How To Find New Customers with Facebook

One of the first questions people have about using Facebook for marketing is how to use it to find new customers. So my aim today is to show you exactly how to use Facebook to attract new customers who are ready and willing to hand you their money. In my last article, I wrote about… Read more »

What Good Is Facebook?

What good is facebook?

What good is Facebook, really? I know you’ve asked yourself this question more than once. You have a business to run. And while Facebook seems like a nice tool to use to stay connected to your family and friends why should you even consider it for your business? You can’t buy anything with likes, comments,… Read more »

The Fast Way To Success

the fast way to success

I bet you clicked to get the latest Facebook Ninja Trick to really make money from Facebook. . . Sorry but that’s not what this article is about. You see, no matter how many tricks you have, the truth is, tricks don’t lead to long-lasting success. What does lead to long-lasting success? Who you hang… Read more »