The Secret to Making Your Facebook Marketing Work

Making Facebook Work

Imagine for a moment that it’s one year from now and you have a Facebook Marketing Machine bringing you a steady flow of prospects and customers on autopilot! Looks good, doesn’t it? I bet it feels good too! You’re not worried about where your next customer is coming from. They just show up in your… Read more »

You Have a Negative Review on Facebook …Now What?

Negative Review

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, no matter what systems you have in place, no matter how well trained your staff is, eventually your business is going to disappoint someone. Even Disney, one of the best companies at customer service has hiccups. Just do a Google search for “Disney customer service stories”…. Read more »

How to Profit from Facebook after the Hullabaloo

In an earlier article, I wrote about the fuss that Facebook has been in recently due to perceived mishandling of data. It got so intense that Mark Zuckerberg ended up testifying in front of Congress for two days. This event has led Facebook to make changes; Click Here if you missed that article. Now that… Read more »