To Good To Be True?

Free Advertising Opportunity! That sounds great, how do I get FREE advertising? All you have to do is sell enough of your product or services in less than 30 days to people who saw your ads, and your advertising is free! Sounds good you are thinking, but how do I do that? After all different… Read more »

The Question I’m Asked Most Often

  In the past week, I’ve gotten an email, talked with another member of a mastermind group and had a coaching phone call with a person looking for help with Facebook ads.  The questions weren’t worded exactly the same, but the results they all wanted were the same. Each one wanted customers now and they wanted someone… Read more »

The Outside-In Approach – Episode 76

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Many times it requires someone else to look at the systems in your business from outside of your business. Marketing expert, Brian Hahn, shares how someone else’s perspective helped him gain more profits in his Dairy Queen. How are your opt-in pages, what are… Read more »