Move Prospects Through Your Marketing Funnel

Two weeks ago, I started talking about what you should expect from your marketing efforts. And last week, I talked about generating leads, which involves finding your potential customers and the various ways that businesses do this, both off-line and online. This week, I want to talk about what you will do with the contact… Read more »

What Should Marketing Do?

I often hear the word “marketing” used to describe what a business is doing, but I don’t know if everyone is clear on what marketing is and what you accomplish when you market well. Last week, I explained that marketing includes all the activities you do before a prospect interacts with your business, as well… Read more »

Marketing vs. Sales!

  When I talk with business owners, the terms “marketing” and “sales” often come up. Many business owners use them interchangeably, but doing so is not quite accurate. The activities involved in marketing and sales are different, even though they work toward the same goals.   Marketing consists of all the activities you do before… Read more »

Marketing Isn’t for Wimps

Why do I say that marketing isn’t for wimps? Marketing that works takes vision, planning, execution, and discipline. If you leave out any of these elements, your results won’t live up to your expectations. Business owners who aren’t willing to tackle the challenges of marketing handicap the success of their business. Vision is necessary so… Read more »