What Is the Lifetime Value of Your Customers?

 Now that we know what the value of a customer is, what is their lifetime value? Are the customers who purchased the discounted item you had listed worth anything more? What can you do to increase their value? At times we see people who make small purchases or a series of purchases as not being… Read more »

What is the value of a new customer?

The answer to this question guides every decision you make about your business. It not only dictates how much you can spend on acquiring customers, but it also dictates what options you have available at your disposal to acquire them and what systems you need to have in place to support and serve them. How… Read more »

What systems do you have in place to keep your existing clients connected to you?

We know that it is more profitable to sell to your existing clients. The question is: How do you make this happen? Different businesses have different purchase cycles. The gaps between when you purchase groceries and when you buy another car are significantly different. You have finished working with a client, and the client is… Read more »