Organic Social Media

What is organic social media? When I was in the food business, organic meant that the item was created with no chemicals. It was grown naturally. How does this relate to social media? This terminology relates back to Google searches. Organic search results mean that people found you with a search, and you didn’t pay… Read more »

Nurture Your Relationships

We have been talking about collecting leads and moving them through your sales funnels—taking people as prospects and turning them into engaged customers. Wrapped around all of this are the relationships you build with everyone who comes in contact with your business. The value of your business is related to the quality of the relationships… Read more »

Move Prospects Through Your Marketing Funnel

Two weeks ago, I started talking about what you should expect from your marketing efforts. And last week, I talked about generating leads, which involves finding your potential customers and the various ways that businesses do this, both off-line and online. This week, I want to talk about what you will do with the contact… Read more »

What Should Marketing Do?

I often hear the word “marketing” used to describe what a business is doing, but I don’t know if everyone is clear on what marketing is and what you accomplish when you market well. Last week, I explained that marketing includes all the activities you do before a prospect interacts with your business, as well… Read more »