What Good Is A Facebook Page?

Many people I work with start by asking the same question: What good is a Facebook Page? After all, almost no one sees their Facebook posts, even if you have 50,000 + followers each post individually may only be seen by a few thousand. And what about the time it takes to maintain? Who wants… Read more »

Perfecting Your Audience Pivot – EPISODE 32

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! In this episode, Brian explains how using segmenting in marketing is the perfect way to pivot your audience for maximum effect. Listen in for all the details! powered by Sounder Get The Facebook Formula Book Here: https://www.gosocialexperts.com/book/ Follow on Podbean: https://brianhahnpodcast.podbean.com Get this podcast on your… Read more »

How to Know What to Sell on Facebook…

I know you want to sell your product or service with your Facebook ads. The challenge is that most strangers don’t want to buy them, at least not right away. Think about what you do in person. Do you walk up to someone and introduce yourself and then ask them to buy something from you?… Read more »

Pre-Conditioning Your Audience with Videos – EPISODE 31

Welcome to the Go Social Podcast featuring Marketing Expert, Brian Hahn! Join Brian this week as he walks you through how to pre-condition your audience so that they want to do business with you before they even meet you. Bring in more consistent business by creating truly authentic videos that establish a relationship with your… Read more »

What Are Good Numbers For Your Facebook Ad?

Facebook gives us tons of information when you dig into ad reporting. While that sounds good, it can get confusing. There is so much and you have to know where to go to see some of the details. In the end, people get confused and don’t look at the numbers their ads are getting or… Read more »