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What if everything you thought you knew about Facebook was wrong?

There is a lot of misinformation when you ask people about using Facebook ads for their businesses. I routinely get asked questions from smart business people about Facebook. Some of the questions are based on misinformation and others that seem silly are not. I created a list of frequently asked questions/statements below and my short answers to these questions.

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A few weeks ago a friend who owns a business asked me if we could meet for lunch. He had some questions about using Facebook to promote his business and wanted more information. 

I’ve had other people ask me this too, so I thought that you might find what I told him interesting as well.

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Your Facebook Marketing Isn't Working . . . Now What

Let me guess, this is what’s happening. . . You’ve heard about all the success that others are having on Facebook, and you finally gave in to the temptation and started advertising on Facebook. And money didn’t come pouring in. . In fact, as you put more and more money into Facebook, the only place money poured was into Facebook’s bank account. What happened?

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