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Do You Want To Grow Your Business or Just Talk About It?

Blog Post 11.28.17

I need to get something out in the open. Do you know how many times I talk with business owners who have plans for next year in place, and they all involve growth but . . . When I ask them about how they’re going to accomplish this growth they don’t have any idea what… Read more »

How To Accelerate Your Facebook Marketing Results

How To Accelerate Your Facebook Marketing Results

I bet you’ve heard all about marketing your business online; that with only a computer and your local Starbucks you could generate tons of sales.  This adage commonly applies to new and existing business.  The truth is, it’s not that easy or inexpensive.  When you’re getting started you can use free tools on your laptop,… Read more »

My New Hobby and How It Helped My Business

A few months ago I decided (for whatever reason) to take up running.  I’ve been physically active most of my adult life as I explained in an earlier article. However, I had never had any interest in running; it seemed like hard work and like my body would take too much of a pounding.  I had tried running on a treadmill but had not run outside at all since I was a kid.  This… Read more »